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Ski Maintenance – Ylläs

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From edge to edge

Hill Ski Rents semiautomatic service machine in the hands of a specialist – naturally, top of the line service is guaranteed. Dull edges or no glide? Drop by and let us help you with that.

Love your equipment!

Hill Ski Maintenance in Ylläs is located in the same building as the ski rental shop and store. Choose the right service for your equipment, or let our staff recommend the most appropriate service to suit your needs.

Our maintenance of skis, snowboards and cross-country skis is fast and professional. Waxing, grinding, kick wax, boot fitting, fixes and tuning – we are here to help!


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Palvelu Standard Racing
Hot Wax and Polish 20 € 30 €
Edge Grind 20 € 50 €
Small service 35 € 75 €
Large service 50 € 170 €
Base Repair 25 € 25 €
Binding Mount 20 € 20 €
Monon muokkaus - 50 €

Palvelu Standard Racing
Hot wax and polish 28 € -
Edge Grind 20 € -
Small service 45 € -
Full service 60 € -
Base repair 20 € -
Binding mount 10 € -

Palvelu Standard Racing
Classic waxing (cleaning+grip+glide) 35 € -
Waxing service 15 € -
Waxing service LF 25 € -
Waxing service PRO 75 € -
Base waxing oven heat 30 € -
Base Waxing 20 € -
Cleaning 8 € -
Grip tape / Klister cleaning 15 € -
Binding mount 15 € -


In the same space as our ski maintenance service, you can also be served by a complete sports shop, and the best equipment rental in the whole village. In other words, everything you need from the same address to succeed in a perfect active holiday. You will find us next to the gondola lift at Vaeltajantie 2 (see directions here).

Rental company

Hill Ski Rent Ylläs is open during the ski season and for a limited time in the summer. We rent equipment for downhill skiing, snowboarding and Peltonen cross-country skis. We also offer telemark skis, kicksleds, snowshoes, board and snow safety gear. Not to forget bicycles – read more further down!

Sport Shop

Ylläs Hill Shop is an active winter sports store. Equipment and clothing for the slopes, outdoor activities, exercise and comfort. Lots of Test & Buy opportunities, so you don’t have to second guess your picks. Top brands include HEAD, OAKLEY, North Face and HESTRA.

Bike Rental

Hill Ski Rent Ylläs bike rental is the number one destination for a winter cycling holiday – A bike rent shop in the same premises as the equipment rental. We offer the best Fatbikes for the Ylläs routes, with or without electrical assistance. Cycling on a Fatbike offers some nice variety to downhill and cross-country skiing, especially since Ylläs probably has the best bike routes. Ask the staff for tips and maps!

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