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Our service will take care of your board or ski with crafts and love.

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Ruka – Ski Maintenance

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Dull edges or poor grip?

When your edges have been hand-sharpened, they will surely stand the steepest slopes of Ruka. If you want a better glide, choose a low-fluoro ski wax and you’ll get down the slope first. Meet us at the base of the slopes!

Love your Equipment!

Hill Ski maintenance in Ruka will take care of you gear with quick and professional service, whether it’s a snowboard, cross-country skis or alpine downhill skis. Edges will be sharp (or dull if you wish?), while boards and skis will have the glide or grip you prefer.

After our tuning – the edges will hold. Take care of your equipment and service it at Hill Ski, and you’ll be faster than your buddies… Come and challenge Ruka’s steepest slopes.

maintenance ruka


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Palvelu Standard
Hot Wax 25 €
Edge sharpening 25 €
Basic service 40 €
Binding mounting 30 €
Base repair 20 €

HILL Ski Rent huolto
Palvelu Standard
Classic waxing (cleaning+grip+glide) 45 €
Hot wax 25 €
Grip wax 15 €
Cleaning 10 €

Palvelu Standard
Hot Wax 30 €
Edge Sharpening 25 €
Basic service 50 €

Bike service
Palvelu Standard
Brake bleed/adjustment 30 €
Transmission adjustment 25 €
Inner tube change 30 €
chain change 30 €
adjustment service 60 €
Tubeless service 65 €


Hill Ski Rent Ruka offers comprehensive and amazing professional maintenance, as well as all other active vacationer services. From the same location, you will also find equipment and clothes for slopes and sports, and of course you can get everything you need to have fun from the rental shop. You will find us right at the foot of the mountain at Rukatunturintie 12 (see directions).

Rental company

At Hill Ski Rent Ruka, you will find downhill skis and snowboards for the slopes, Peltonen cross-country skis, bikes for the trails and, of course, sleds for sledding. Our staff will find the right rental equipment for your needs!

Sport Shop

Ruka Hill shop is an unmatched sports shop. The supply is strongly focused on outdoor and skiing equipment. Shop for products from top brands like HEAD, OAKLEY, HESTRA and North Face. You can also try downhill skiing before you buy. Come and see what Ruka Hill Shop has to offer!

Bike Rental

Hill Ski Rent Ruka Bike Rent is located in the same space as the equipment rental! You can now rent a Fatbike, which is the number one choice for snowy trails and roads at the moment. From our range you can rent HEAD fatbikes in electric or traditional models. Our staff will give you the best terrain tips and route maps.

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