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Hill Ski Rent Maintenance - Tahko

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Tahko – Ski Maintenance

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From edge to edge

A semi-automatic maintenance machine in the hands of a professional makes a brilliant impression. If the edges slip, or the bottom doesn’t glide – bring it to us.

Love your Gear!

Hill Service can be found in central Tahko, Finland. We carry out fast and professional semi-automatic maintenance of skis, snowboards or cross-country skis. Our team will help you, whether it’s about lubrication, sharpening edges, strap adjustments or something else.

Our ski maintenance service is always available to you when the rental shop is open. Leave your equipment with our specialists, and our service will guarantee your holiday has sharp edges and the perfect glide. Become the fastest one in the slopes!

tahko ski maintenance


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Palvelu Standard Racing
Hotwax and Polish 20 € 30 €
Edge Grind 20 € 50 €
Basic Service 35 € 75 €
Full Service 50 € 170 €
Base Repair 25 € 25 €
Binding Mount starting 25 € -
Boot fit 50 € 50 €
Skin cut 50 € -

Palvelu Standard
Wax + edges 35 €
Hotwax and Polish 28 €
Edge Grind 20 €
Small Service 45 €
Large Service 60 €
Base Repair 20 €
Binding Mount 10 €

Palvelu Standard
35 €
Waxing Service 15 €
Waxing Service LF 25 €
Waxing Service PRO 75 €
Base Waxing 25 €
Cleaning 10 €
Grip Tape / Klister Cleaning 15 €
Full service 55 €

Bike Service
Palvelu Standard
Brake service + bleeding 30 €
Chanin change 30 €
Transmission adjustment 30 €
30 €


At Hill Ski Maintenance Service Tahko, you will also find an excellent sports shop and, of course, our equipment rental store. Everything you need in one place! We are easy to find at the Tahkocom building, Tahkolaaksontie 5B (directions here). See you in Tahko!

Rental company

Hill Ski Rent Tahko is the first stop on a successful winter holiday. We provide you with equipment and gear for skiing and the outdoors. Snowboards, cross-country skis, alpine downhill skis and much more – Our staff will help you find the right equipment for your needs – Welcome!

Sport Shop

Tahko Hill Shop offers the season’s hottest quality brands for the slopes, sports, outdoor activities and leisure. Some great brands to mention are HEAD, OAKLEY, North Face and HESTRA. Come and see the selection!

Bike Rental

Hill Ski Rent Tahko Bike Rent has fatbikes for snowy trails. The difficult terrain is only a plus for these bikes, and you’ll quickly be looking for slightly more challenging trails to get the most out of your ride. We have both the electro-assisted e-Fatbikes and the standard version, relying on muscle power. Try it out, because cycling can be really fun, even in the winter!

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